Loving someone hurts when they don't know. Because all you wanna do is kiss them and touch them, and share your music with them and laugh about stupid shit with them, and cry with them. But as much as you want to, you just can't tell them how feel, because their answer could be that they don't love you back. And it's even though it's best to move on, you'd rather be left dreaming and wondering and hurting about them, amirite?

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Assuming they don't feel the same way back, it's the same whether they know it or not. The person I "enjoy" is aware I "enjoy" them, but there's no way a relationship would ever work. Still, it's been decided that there's no reason we shouldn't still be friends. Obviously she makes me happy, so it'd be dumb to stop talking to her. She's fine as long as I don't make her uncomfortable (which only serves to make her more awesome in my eyes, go fucking figure).

I still feel the way I do. The feelings are intensifying. I can't say anything, though, because I already know it would be ill-received. Bottom line is life sucks sometimes. There's not always a solution. I can't abandon a close friend in a selfish attempt not to deal with the frustration of repressed feelings.

Besides, I'm fucking crazy and don't know how to handle my own emotions. I definitely don't want to put them on someone else's shoulders.

u smilie

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pretty much

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I believe I know how you feel. I'm a sensitive person. Yearning hurts, but it's easier than risking having your heart crushed. For what it's worth, I'm an old man now, and the memories of the rejections do not hurt at all. The regrets (of not taking a chance) though, they do sometimes hurt. Those are opportunities I will never get back.

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@Serg Gaaaay

Not if OP was talking about someone of the opposite gender.

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Agh this just u smilie my life right here in one post

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God, one thing I hate is that I was too chicken to tell my friend I like him love him am not actually a robot. Either way, getting a bad reaction by telling him or just not, I lost one of my only friends.

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It's the most difficult to tell someone how you feel when your own feelings are that strong; the fear of rejection is too overwhelming. But in all honesty (and I say this knowing full well it's easier said than done), I think you'll find that you'll regret not taking a chance. It's hard to put yourself out there, but it can be extremely rewarding. I've been in a relationship for over two years because my now-boyfriend finally plucked up the courage to ask me out.

It kinda makes it even worse when they're constantly flirting with you, being completely oblivious as to how you feel about them.

So feeling this right now.

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it's better holding on to a false hope than risking a friendship or whatever you already have with that person by telling him/her your feelings

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