It may be possible to cure mild, early stage anorexia by going "screw it, nom" until it becomes a habit, amirite?

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I was trying to lose weight by eating less and I don't know if it may have turned into a disorder if I continued (I never stopped eating, just portion control. My goal was and is recomp). It only just occurred to me tht my height would make my rib cage larger than most people's and that's the reason I'm still one of the widest among my friends. I can see my ribs faintly when I stretch and now I;m eating close to the same mass (still less fat) as before and it made me think of this post.

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@VicZinc Well I gotta say yes to "may be possible" because anything may be possible.

Okay I don't want to be that guy who makes posts that are impossible to logically NW. By may be possible I mean it's a reasonable claim. Not like it's possible to have a spider with a gene that mutated by gamma rays to give it venom that reacts with a human protein to form a mutagen that alters the human's DNA so he starts producing the spider's proteins and stuff (yeah I just thought a scientific explanation of how Spiderman came to be).

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