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I was going to say "Haha, no." but that implies I laughed.

The goat remixes are half fake and not very funny.

I just want to know why the video is called "Taylor Swift and a Llama." I mean, I'm no doctor but that is not a fucking llama.

Why must you hate on Taylor Swift?

laughing go

This post is shit on so many levels. 1) The video is a knock off. 2) The video mistakes a llama and a goat. 3) They spelled llama wrong. 4) http://www.amirite.com/757028-t...seen-this-week

Yes amirite admins, that means it is a repeat. A post with the same video, and a sentence meaning the same thing IS A REPEAT.

names avatar name Haha, no. 0Reply

the video doesn't exist :(

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