Los Angeles is so beautiful, amirite?

Image for post Los Angeles is so beautiful, amirite?
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I think this is a horrid picture. Sure, I'm like a wonder-struck child when I go to big cities, but the lights on the buildings aren't spectacular enough to make up for the fact that the sky in completely dull. Stars are much prettier than city lights in my opinion.

The Los Angeles skyline might be considered beautiful, but I'm guessing the city has an ugly underbelly.

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But they are usually cultural hubs, which is always interesting.

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Yes, sometimes the country is nice, but I can never stay too long.

If you like stars, move to the country. Sure, it's safe, but you'll be so bored that you resort to hanging out at the local high school--when you're 40! You'll be so alone that you'll lay on the cold, dirty, country ground, look up at those stars and talk to them as if they were a real, living human being! Well, there is one good thing about being so isolated: When you finally decide to kill yourself, there'll be no one there to stop you, and since your nearest neighbors are miles away, no one will find your body for days. Months, maybe! Maybe they never will! Point is, small towns are THE WORST PLACES ON EARTH, and anything you have ever heard or will ever hear to the contrary is TOTAL BULLSHIT! angry smilie

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