Even if it's extinct, the prehistoric shark (Helicoprion) is freaking scary, amirite?

Image for post Even if it's extinct,  the prehistoric shark (Helicoprion) is  freaking scary, amirite?
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I can see why a mouth like that would bring it to extinction. Seriously, it probably bites itself in the face all the time.

It's funny how scientists can find a few teeth and build an entire skeleton around it, claiming that it is a proof of evolution, then turn it to be flat wrong.

This is fake. Just so you know...

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@This is fake. Just so you know...

No, it's real, it's just extinct.wt smilie

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@VictoriaSpider No, it's real, it's just extinct.

No it's not. Believe me I obviously understood the post, but no that 'animal' is most definitely not correct. That picture is an artists rendition when they first found a coil of teeth with some of the fossilized 'shark' around it. It was later discovered that the fossil coil of these was actually a melded accumulation of conveniently aged teeth from at least three helicoprion and the true reality of helicoprion as a living species was much more like a normal mouth with a (far more useful) small bulge of teeth that would look more like if your pictures lower jaw stopped after 8 teeth. This tooth 'nub' was used to saw through the tough hide of the Kronosaurus which, when attacked in packs, became a staple food of the group oriented helicoprion. The jaw in the picture on the other hand is laughably void of true use, and would be a terrible draw back on both eating and hunting.

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