"If you don't remember x, y, and z, and you're not born between these years, then you're not a real 90's kid." Why does it matter so much? If some see "90's kids" as a part of their identity, then, let them have that. Let people reminisce about the old good times. It's not even a big deal, especially not important enough to have so many heated debates. This is definitely not something to get mad about. Amirite?

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Oh my God there was this one user who was going around for a few weeks leaving ridiculously long comments, so long they had to make it 2 comments, about which years people were born in and which generation they could classify themselves as.

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it's not as if you control the time you're born

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Exactly! Who cares when you were born? If you were born in 1998 but listen to Led Zeppelin, call yourself a 70s kid. It's not like you chose the year you were born. Why does being born in/growing up in an era make you HAVE to identify with a certain period?
I was born in 1994, and I love the 90s, they're my favourite decade. Sadly I only remember the late 90s with any clarity, but what I do remember I still love. Personally, I wish I had been born in the 70s so I could've been a teenager when grunge was popular.
I mean, if 10 years from now I run into someone that was born in 2004 calling themselves a 2000s kid, that's fine I'd let them. It doesn't effect me in anyway, nor does it make them any more or less of a person.

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