I will be okay, amirite?

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I sure hope so!

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We're all eventually going to be fucked or "not okay".
Even if we find a way to extend our natural lives trillions of years beyond our natural lives we'll eventually die to some sort of apocalyptic madness.

I'm probably missing the point of the post.

Assuming you're thinking, "This is a rough patch of my life that doesn't look like it'll be good at any point in the future." You'll be fine assuming you change your mindset, if you continue with that line of thinking you're going to get depressed. Not like, "Jee that was a really bad day" depressed but "Oh god why am I alive this is so meaningless I can't fucking take this anymore." depressed.
Or hey, maybe you're ineffably fucked either way and the rest of your life will be miserable. I don't know.

Or maybe I'm still missing the point of the post in which case you need to help me out a bit here.

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This song used to (still does) give me hope when I have big plans ahead...

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You will be okay

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@THE_HEADACHE You will be okay

Thank you! biggrin smilie That makes me feel a little better.

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