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@lt2010 Chinese!

Oh wow how did I forget that

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The one my mom makes!

Canadian yum smilie

@ItsATrap Canadian

Polar bear steak with moose salad?

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Japanese yum smilie yum smilie yum smilie

Taco Bell.

I am ashame.

I said mexican butt it has to be real mexican not any of that old el paso stuff the legit sold in mexico food


French toast is french, right? o.e

I love Puerto Rican food... It's sooooo good! I can't say I have a favorite though because I just really love me some deliciousness. I don't discriminate wink smilie

I eat everything, I'm pretty indiscriminate. I love Indian food though, since I grew up with it, but I also love typical American fare and European cuisine.

Jamaican food
You guys don't know, but that is where it's at.

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