There's always that one jackass in the gym who thinks he's competing in the fucking Olympics.

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A big problem with society today is that people get ridiculed for working hard and putting in effort.

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What's wrong with making the best of opportunity to be active?

I mainly focus on myself at the gym, but I really haven't noticed this. What's wrong with getting a good workout anyway? That's why people go to the gym.

There's rarely someone putting in that amount of effort, I do see a lot of them thinking they just won the Olympics.

If anything those people encourage me more..

Calling someone else a jackass because of your insecurity is shameful.

You're one of those anonymous posters that doesn't like being judged for your off-center “opinions” aren't you?

The Olympics can have sex? That's is so cool. Its it a woman? I'd bang her...if I was old enough...cry smilie

Why would you go to the gym if youre not going to compete in the Olympics?

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