If reincarnation is possible, you would come back as a human again.

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I wanna be a motha fuckin dragon or nothing at all. Being a human kind of sucks.

I was thinking ebola virus.

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F#ck me! You mean... I've been a human all along?!?

I'm guessing this is assuming that we can choose what we could return as. There are way too many other choices for me to choose human being. Being a virus would be pretty neat, or maybe some other sort of pathogen that is difficult to kill. smirk smilie

@ginnypotter93 Sorry, viruses aren't living things :( Maybe a bacteria?

True, they aren't true organisms, but they can use the DNA or RNA of other organisms to replicate and "survive" in a sense of the word, which I find extremely devious of them. It would be morbid yet quite interesting to somehow become a virus and see up close how they destroy other organisms.

the chances to come back as a malnourished child in africa seem too high for me to want to return as a human. probably like a bird or some shit.

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