It's interesting how different parts of the brain work and communicate with each other. EX: it's hard to recall a long list using language. Your brain spends more effort remembering spacial awareness than language. By forcing the spacial memory part of your brain to be used, people can build a 'memory lane', imagining a walk and seeing visual reminders of the words, and are able to remember, on average, 38 of 40 items on a list. It's incredible to see how much the brain is capable of, amirite?

5 Brain Hacks That Give You Mind-Blowing PowersThese hacks come with various degrees of difficulty, but no risk or potential for injury. And actual scientists say that all of them work.http://www.cracked.com/article_20166_5-brain-hacks-that-give-you-mind-blowing-powers.html
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@MrRite Ripped from Cracked.com...

My boyfriend told me this, he reads Cracked but I didn't know it was from there. I'll add it to the citation.

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