If people who identify as religious got as angry at seeing a child die from starvation as they do when they see two men holding hands then maybe there would be a wealth equality. Amirite?

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Why would you be angry from seeing a African child die? Wouldn't you be sad?

@DevonHollander Why would you be angry from seeing a African child die? Wouldn't you be sad?

Starving kids are not exclusive to Africa I would like to clear up that misconception.
And it angers me because there are the resources needed to benefit everyone globally however the wealth isn't spreading.
Often times you'll see people who identify as religious quoting from their books about the wrongness of homosexuality but everyone conviently forgets about the wrongness of slavery, abuse, and letting your brother suffer.
And it should make you angry too! It's an injustice that was thruster upon them and are only used to ease the minds of those better off.

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this is gonna depend on culture

there are numerous places where men hold hands and openly show affection between friends, relatives, etc.

in those cultures
physical affection between men is the same as physical affection between women

where I come from
men skip together
hold hands
it's just the norm

I watched a documentary that said that even in a place where this isn't the norm
It used to be the norm at one point in time
something happened that changed this view over time

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