Schools need to cater to a wider range of needs and not throw every child on the same playing field

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some do try

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I must say I disagree with literally everything you said...until the last sentence.

Why does it matter if some people are smarter than others? You say that having some people be smart and others stupid makes an inefficient system, but it's exactly the opposite. If everybody achieves exactly what they're capable of, we'll have the most efficient system possible. By holding some people back, you're not helping those that are behind; you can't give a moron intelligence taken from a genius. All you can do is not teach the genius anything you won't teach the moron. But if (for the sake of argument) we're stuck learning what a truck driver needs to know, who will learn how to make computers? We'll be stuck in a society of no innovation where there is no improvement or innovation because those that are capable of such feats were not allowed to pursue them.

I am slightly confused at your last statement because it doesn't align at all with the rest of your viewpoint. I agree that failure is sometimes a necessity...but when everybody is average, nobody succeeds either. I would much rather have some societal successes and some failures than nothing at all.

Well, gee, if there wasn't so much standardized testing encouraging narrow curricula...

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