You find a Briefcase on the Ground near a post office, Do you take it inside and try and find the owner?

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I have enough money/stable income to be happy. The extra potential money gained from taking the suitcase would not bring me any more, or at least not a lot more, happiness. The shame of it would in fact make me unhappy and even more paranoid.

Knock-knock "FUCK. It's them. They knows it was me. I am FUCKED. Oh. It's just you, John. Yelling? What yelling?"

Or late nights when I've got nothing to think about, "I bet that person was going to pay off their bills with that money. I probably fucked that person's life up. I might be the reason they lose their house then their partner probably left them and their children never get to grow up with both their parents and they're going to end up fucked when their life could have been perfectly normal OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?"

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No, I call the bomb squad.

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