Religion makes zero sense.

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It makes perfect sense if you understand how humanity works.

To briefly summarize its creation: Civilization was formed. Order and structure was needed. People also needed a way to explain the unknown and at the time, a lot was unknown. And so, religion was formed. It gave people a reason to live and it persuaded them to live in an orderly and 'acceptable' way. People who may have been immoral, obtained morals because the gods might be watching. Not knowing about things like weather patterns, sacrifices were made and because the sacrifice might have been done just before the seasonal rains began, it was determined that sacrifices appeased the gods and whatnot. So the sacrifices remained.

You can pick at and analyze a lot of little things about religion to understand its formation and why it still remains today.

I'm confused by what you mean.

It makes sense that we made religions.

It makes sense that people believe in their religion.

Though, if we were to logically look at religion, it wouldn't make sense.

So if you mean what religions believe in doesn't make sense, then I agree.

If you mean it doesn't make sense that we have religion at all or why people still believe in religion then I disagree.


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It makes complete sense. I think StickCaveman covered most of it above in his comment, but people need a way of explaining natural events and what may happen in the afterlife. Religion helps to explain a lot of different things for the people who follow it.

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