Being in the friend zone is like an employer turning you down for a job, then calling you regularly bitching about the person they did hire.

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Nope stop nope, human attraction is not like a job interview. It does not matter how many qualifications you have, if the person in question does not want to date you then that is that, and they're not "wrong" for feeling that way. Of course relationships aren't going to run smoothly 100% of the time, but that doesn't mean that the "hired" one was a huge mistake just because they complain about them a couple times like Jesus Christ get over yourselves these posts make me so mad I feel like I'm about to turn into a dragon and destroy a small village. If friendship is that much of a crappy consolation prize to you then tell them that, or at least tell them that it makes you feel bad when they discuss their relationship problems with you.

Citation feature just not doin' the trick, huh?

I thought we were done with the friend zone jokes.

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