When things alternate between being essentially broken and being perfectly fine you generally find yourself too complacent (or something) to do anything about it, amirite? Ex. If your computer booted up perfectly fine 50% of the time you'd not bother to get it fixed so it could work 100% of the time.

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Although I used the example of a computer that only boots up 50% of the time this can obviously apply to many things such as health, often times people will not care about many of the telling signs of an oncoming insert medical thingy here because "It's fine, it went away and if it comes back it'll probably go away again. No worries!"

I feel the need to give examples because I worded this post in a really lazy fashion that I feel didn't get my point across very well.

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Would you mind giving another example and/or further explain?

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@Would you mind giving another example and/or further explain?

Lets say your toilet sometimes didn't flush when you did whatever function is required to make your toilet flush, you'd not bother to get it fixed, amirite?

Also I should have noted that I mean things that aren't particularly important- I don't really mean for this to apply to things like a fridge that sometimes shuts off leaving all the delicious food to "go bad", for lack of a better term.
The more I think about my post the less I like it. wary smilie

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For awhile at least but eventually I get so pissed I deal with the problem

I know that feeling, but I like your post. It makes me think.

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