One way to deal with "what ifs" and "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" is to acknowledge that although you may have been able to do things differently, doing things differently may have led to much worse circumstances. Amirite?

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this goes back to the
"everything happens for a reason"


"be careful what you wish for"


"let sleeping dogs lie"

I'm not going to tell what to do
but I do wanna tell you what you could do

opening up the gates of "what ifs" could mean a lot of trouble
a lot of unnecessary trouble

so what you didn't take a risk way back when?
so what if you didn't take that chance?
Perhaps you saved yourself
it's not like you can find that out now

just let it go boo boo
I know it's not easy
but it's possible

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I think it's better to think about what exactly would have to change for that to have not happened. It's hard to think of stuff that could've been different, but then you ask yourself "what would have to change for that to have been different?

Eventually, you see that there was no possibility of it, and simply try to make the best of it.

Or, you just think back too far, get confused, and forget what you were originally thinking about.

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