When someone says/does some something messed up to you and you say/do something back, it's annoying when they get pissed off at you for retaliating- especially when they one-up you again. Sometimes when you're at that point you want to keep standing up for yourself and perpetuate the cycle, or just dismiss them as an asshole, but sometimes you can't help but feel bad for them, not even in a condescending way, you just wonder how it must feel and what made them like that, amirite?

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And I'm completely hypocritical when I say this. Sometimes I'm the asshole who won't let things go. We all justify our actions and words sometimes and pretend that "well what I did, it was OK. But what they were out of line!" for whatever reason. I'm a hypocritical meat bag. Sometimes my reasoning isn't reasonable depending on my mood or a number of other factors. I am that asshole sometimes- I'm willing to bet money that we all occasionally do things that piss us off about other people. This post is more about people where this isn't an occasional thing but more of a consistent personality trait. And yes, that is me justifying myself. See what I mean?

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