When new two gets scrunched up in the test tube and comes out with a tail on its head.

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I'm guessing you mean Mewtwo, as in the Pokemon, and the new release of Mewthree/Mewbuu/New Mewtwo form.
I like it, I think it's interesting that they're bringing Mewtwo back into play. I look forward to seeing what the developers will do with Mewthree.

@ItsATrap I need to get more pokemon games

I've been playing White 2, I really like it. I'm glad they added all the previous generation pokemon. I love Lucario, so getting one right off the bat in the game was great.

@ItsATrap The only games I've ever had were Red and LeafGreen haha

You should definitely get all of Gen 3-5 games if you're able to, or play them on an emulator. My favorite was always Pokemon Diamond and the sequel to D&P, Platinum.

The best gen was gen 3 in my opinion I can't even count how many times I've beaten it ruby sapphire or emerald

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