On the one hand, some people seriously overestimate their language skill, thus sounding pretty dumb when they claim to be fluent whilst making a mistake every other word; on the other, people tend to be extraordinarily elitist regarding languages so they'll look down on someone's language skills because of details which don't matter (like accent). The only way to have people be pleased with your skills is to learn a language no one else studies so no one can ever judge you, amirite?

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So you mean like invent your own language or..?

@NardDawg So you mean like invent your own language or..?

^ That could work. I was thinking more around the lines of languages people don't normally study. That way the only opinions about it are natives who are too impressed that someone is learning the language to care about ability.

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I think peope will find a way to judge regardless

Have you ever eaten an Oreo cookie? Those things are malicious.

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