Fox News is a biased news source.

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ernies is another user who posts cliche posts, amirite?

Fox News is actually less biased than other news stations as Fox merely provides the news without adding commentary. Some of their shows/segments are another story. This is not to say that other news stations are worse, they merely provide their own commentary.

Generally speaking, All news stations are biased and 'mainstream judgmental and superficial'.... Local or National

even if there was a personalized or 'REAL current events' it wouldnt make a strong income seeing as all news stations are 'Fixed- Scheduling' rather than 'interupting program',...because of this they make up stupid buzz like "local squirrels terrorizing the neighborhood with bomb scare" or some other elaborate placebo

...meanwhile in the middle east, REAL news occurs!

All news is slightly bias or skewed. They're called the gatekeepers because of what stories they show, and they will always tilt to one side, it's like balancing an egg on a roof, it has to fall one way.

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Gee, where'd you learn that?

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