The loneliest are the kindest. The saddest smile the brightest. Damaged are the wisest. All cause they don't want people to suffer like they do

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Not necessarily, you've probably just been taught that by television- well actually this sounds like something you've stolen from another site . . . But that idea was probably just taught to the actual original poster by television. These are such massive clichés.

I've always seen people say "The saddest smile the brightest." That was has especially been tainted, stuck up rich white girls who treat others like shit get so much attention just by being sad every once in a while and I hear it over and over again as people talk about them, "Y'know what they say! The saddest smile the brightest. She must be like, totally broken."

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Some lonely people are really freakin' rude.

Wow this is not true at all.

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The loneliest are lonely, the saddest will frown, the damaged are damaged, all cause circumstances of their life led them to feel lonely, sad, or damaged. How they chose to deal with it isn't something you can stereotype, amirite?

Would it were true.

This is amirite not tumblr

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If anything the sad may smike bigger because when they get something to smike about it's all the more sweet for them, same for the others

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