There's a fine line between being a nice person and being a pushover, amirite?

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I think it's when you overlook an obvious negative trait/action/whatever in order to be nice to someone.

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Not really: if one can honestly be both in relation to the contests, he is then an amalgamation of both, so he is neither.

When I was a manager at a grocery store, this lady would come in who had a bad reputation with us. As a customer, it was always a major hassle dealing with her because she was one of those people who think they're entitled to the world.

One day she came in and made up this story about her niece or daughter or some kid (I don't remember) having a birthday and she wanted to get just $10 worth of stuff (but she had no money on her). I told her I'm sorry but we don't loan out food products. She kept going on and on reminding me about some poor little kid I didn't even know and how she just wanted a nice little party. I couldn't charge it to the store so I told her I'd pay with my own money and nowhere above $10. I got out my wallet making it very clear that the stuff was being purchased from my own pocket.

She got the birthday stuff (some 2 liters and a discounted cake and candles) then she pleaded for just one pack of cigarettes and a six pack of beer. I think the overall total was $15. I was reluctant to pay for the non-birthday items but did it anyway. She promised she would pay me back and thanked me.

I never saw her again.

I'm a nice guy but was I a pushover for giving in to this annoying customer? What I didn't mention in my story is that I saw two outcomes of paying for her items:
1) She will pay me back.
2) She will avoid paying me back, therefore avoiding me (because she knew I would never let her forget). From my point of view, the $15 was well worth never having to see her in the store again and I never did.

Where does this put me? Nice guy? Pushover? Clever?

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