Society doesn't truly have tolerance or understanding for people who have problems they can't help. Society only has tolerance and understanding for people who come off as helpless and child-like, amirite?

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I think you're right. I'm much more inclined to talk with someone who very easy to handle issues but seems helpless, they almost always praise me for being such a kind person for helping them when the reality is I put little to no effort into it helping them, it makes me feel good though.

When someone has a lot of issues I can't solve I only can sympathize with them and then there's constant worries that they're not okay or that I didn't do something correctly and was inconsiderate towards them.

Or maybe you're wrong and I just want you to be right so I have an excuse to be a lazy jackass.

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Sorry OP, I am being dense and I don't understand the first part. ?

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@VicZinc Sorry OP, I am being dense and I don't understand the first part. ?

What I'm saying is people will only be accepting of someone's problems if they come off as innocent. Those with genetic disorders who have a very difficult time socializing are excused because they tend to be obviously disabled; e.g. various physical features that give away that they have a disorder or obviously lower intelligence.

On the other hand, people who still have disorders but are not obvious are not treated with the same acceptance, even if it is known the person has a disorder.

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It's nor particularly relevant. I suppose examples would be Asperger's Syndrome, Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder. These disorders don't have any impact on physical characteristics or intelligence, but the social problems these people face are just as real as the problems faced by people with Down's Syndrome or someone similar.

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