You always want the one you can't have, amirite?

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I often just hear that from people who aren't trying hard enough to get someone.

I use to have a friend who'd always stare at a girl in class and talk about her, most of our chats involving her ended with him saying, "But I can never have her." The fuckwit never even tried to talk to her, I mean he never even awkwardly went up and said "He-illo fuck I was going to say hi but then I started saying hello and oh god I'm so sorry. Nevermind." I don't think he said one word to her over the 4 years of being in the same classes as her.

Maybe you're not like him, but a lot of people are and I'm like a stereotypical old man. I'll talk your ear off if you give me the chance just so I can reminisce.

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I'm pretty much want the one I have. I'm good.

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