Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Well, it buys my antidepressants.

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But yeah, of course money can buy puppies, why wouldn't it?

Yes. A thousand times yes.

If you want to be pedantic, you can't literally purchase happiness. Otherwise, I believe it absolutely can for some people.

It varies from person to person, but, yes, I believe it can in some case, such as if you don't have enough to get by, money would certainly make you happier.

There is a certain income rate up to which the answer would be in the affirmative, but happiness when compared with income levels out after that and you don't get any happier with more money.

It buys things that lead to happiness so in a sense, yes.

You can buy things that help you find happiness.

It can take you to happiness

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it can buy bacon, which is pretty much the same thing

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Comfort and happiness are two very different things. Comfort is a very superficial and escapist way of dealing with sadness.

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Potassium consumption a happy justwondering28 makes?

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