Democrats: Today's Boston Marathon bombing made you happy, amirite?

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Hell no.
An 8 year old died.

Kind of a harsh insult, don't you think?

Why is this solely addressed to democrats?

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@Why is this solely addressed to democrats?

To piss them off, most likely. That's how most arguments between dems and reps go... The democrats blame and ridicule the republicans and the republicans blame and ridicule the democrats. Nothing is ever accomplished.

All political parties are obviously united in mourning, and it's extremely beside the point to drag politics into a situation in which it should not belong. How about we keep the political shit-flinging out of this one.

Unless you're trying to prove a point to someone who actually believes this by trying to prove everyone's mourning and that politics has no place in this, I'd try to keep catastrophe like this and politics far apart enough to not interfere with sympathy towards victims.

Why would I ever be happy about a bombing?

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