Those who complain that school is not a good measure of intelligence are typically the ones who do worse

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Although I know the stereotypical person you're talking about I agree with that idea, schools don't really use in depth methods of determining intelligence and grading people as such. School can be a breeze if you have good short term memory and review for exams. Some people are more suited for different things that aren't tested in an average school. It's like if you're testing how strong someone is, if you completely ignore the fact that people have arms then you may end up with those muscular masterpieces of upper body strength just feeling like weak pansies.
Or if you gaged my intelligence by how good my analogies are I'd feel like a complete idiot. When really I'm only mildly stupid.

That all said it's fine that they don't, school isn't about finding out how smart you are as a whole it's about teaching what we believe is going to be helpful or interesting to students.

this is gonna sound a little weird
and it's off topic
but you look like my friend Camera

you two probably have an ancestor or two in common


Well, why would anyone argue against something they did well in?

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