Thinking positive or having positive thoughts does NOT really change anything at all. It just makes you THINK things are better. Amirite?

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Because better and worse are subjective measures then if you think it is better it is better. Period.

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Mentally, yes. But practically and realistically, no. I can be smiling and happy in my mind, but if my car won't start, I am not a happy camper. If I stub my toe, I am not going to say "what a wonderful experience to help me feel better." Usually I hop up and down saying expletives under my breath until the throbbing stops.
I don't want to just THINK things are better, I actually want them to BE better. Not having enough money every month to pay all the bills is not something that changes by smiling or thinking happy thoughts. ONLY money satisfies that situation.
I find solace and contentment knowing that I am better off than many in the world, but I find anger and resentment knowing that I am not enjoying many things I would like to. The positive thinker says, "just think positively and it will come to you." Many say that we create our own reality. But I have observed too many situations where people did not do to themselves the things they are experiencing.

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I will take all this in to consideration and give it more thought. Sounds pretty solid.

So does thinking better change any of your circumstances - especially if those circumstances suck greatly and you are in dire straights?

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