Should people with any type of autism be put in a mental institution?

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it would depend on the situation, behavior, etc.

Only if the family feels that they cannot look after them or that they are a significant threat to society. My brother has autism and, although our family finds it very hard sometimes, in our current situation we would NEVER send him to live anywhere but with us. He has behavourial difficulties which have consequences but there is absolutely no need to take such severe measures and we would simply not do it.
Saying that, I've talked to people who have had children with such bad autism that they cannot function and put strain on their family every minute of the day and (although it is heartbreaking for them, and they visit often) they send their child/ren to live in a home. Although this must only be considered in the most serious situations, and should never happen when it is not needed, I completely understand some people's reasons for doing so. However, it should DEFINITELY not be the overall solution in treating people on the autistic spectrum.

Short answer: No, that's dumb.

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