Beating up on a gay person is a "hate crime." Beating up an infant or small child is "child abuse." Abortion should be called a hate crime and child abuse. Amirite?

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No. It's called abortion. There is no hate or child involved.

@pikabeau No. It's called abortion. There is no hate or child involved.

No child involved? Can you honestly say that to the baby that is being killed? Do you think they would agree with you? And for some strange reason, I thought murder involved hate. If beating up someone or bullying them is now considered hate, then murder is now love?

@freespeechfreelancer No child involved? Can you honestly say that to the baby that is being killed? Do you think they would agree with...

I don't think abortion is murder. If it's not murder how can there be hate?
Trying to evoke emotion by using terms like "baby" and "murder" are why I don't take many pro-life arguments seriously. Of course the fetus wouldn't agree with me if I tell it that it's not a child. It's a fetus; it wouldn't agree with me if I told it the sky was blue.
When you beat up or bully someone you're hurting them. A fetus does not feel pain. A fetus is not sentient. You're comparing apples and oranges.

So a brain, heartbeat, and tiny body parts are not human and don't feel pain? Are you serious? How did we allow this kind of thinking to prevail? The only difference between you or me and the unborn is that we were allowed to come out or be birthed - they weren't. If a fetus is not human, a baby, or sentient (as you say), how does it respond to the mother's voice, music, loud noises, etc.? Why does the medical community treat the pregnant woman as the expectant mother carrying a baby? The whole splitting of hairs arguments about when life is life and when a fetus is a real person is arbitrary.
And ultimately, I would ask - would you have wanted your mother to abort yourself?

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Nice fancy talk - but the point IS, that is life - HUMAN life. Developed fully or not, it is human. The same country that allows abortion will not allow me to destroy an Eagle's egg without imprisonment. The eagle egg is far from being AN EAGLE and no "baby" bird comes out of course until the egg is hatched!
I know all you over educated types love to argue that the fetus, embryo, or whatever has no life, but it is in fact connected TO the mother - depending on her and counting on her sustenance through the umbilical cord.
This country allows abortions right up to birth, partial birth, and the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is proof that an abortion can occur AFTER birth. This doctor was "snipping" the necks of these newly born - which of course is a clear violation of the hippocratic oath. The medical profession is sworn to doing everything it can to protect and preserve LIFE.
But the real bottom line is, the majority of abortions are performed out of convenience sake and it IS big business. Planned Parenthood is responsible for at least 300,000 of the million plus abortions performed per year. Oh, and MY taxpayer dollars are taken and thrown in the pot that funds this crap! You people all want your ways and rights, AND you expect me to pay for it. Why don't you all pay for your own deeds and actions if you truly believe in them so much? Do fundraisers and charity events, instead of taking from the hard working conservative American who is against many of the issues you want to participate in.
And had all of you people been aborted yourselves during those early stages, we clearly would NOT be having this discussion!
And if you wish people like me to stop being "emotionally charged" over baby killing, then YOUR kind need to band together and decide to DO something about it.

No. Just murder. It is what it is.

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