The ends justify the means

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For what situation...? You can't just post some vague shit "this is OK" without telling us what "it" is.

I like never understood what that meant

@Tiny I like never understood what that meant

It means that your methods for attaining a goal don't matter as long as the goal is attained.

For example: Say there is a serial rapist. Everyone knows this person is a serial rapist, but there is no proof. The law can't touch him, so someone takes it into their own hands to kill them in order to prevent them from raping again. In this case, the saying would mean that future rapes being prevented justifies the murder of someone.

In very few cases is this true. If the means need justification, and the end is the only way, then the means are likely so despicable that the ends don't jsutify them.

Does the end of eliminating poverty justify killing all impoverished people? The eradication of a disease justifies killing of those afflicted? (assuming it's not like a doomsday super disease with every contagion known to man)

Also, perspective is another factor. I think purifying the human race is a pretty noble cause, but not if you need to kill off a whole race to do it, even more so if they aren't actually a scourge.

Think President Lincoln suspending habeas corpus.

Depends on the ends and the means.

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