If you could go back and live through (or relive) any of the following decades, which would you choose?

18% 1920s 13% 1950s 15% 1960s 8% 1970s 14% 1980s 20% 1990s 11% Other
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I'd either want to be a flapper girl or hang with the hippies, but I think I'd want to chill with the hippies more.

Probably the 1490's.

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Omg yes me too this was the main reason why I chose the 1980s goo smilie
I saw GN'R in concert 2 weeks ago, and they were fucking amazing, but I sure would've preferred it with Slash and the young and hot Axl Rose.

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I hope there'll be a reunion tour but I doubt that will ever happen; but you should still see the new GNR in concert, they are just simply AMAZING! And the new members are pretty awesome too.

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Well no one could ever be as great as Slash, but trust me DJ Ashba is still awesome! I love him so much and he was great. And yeah I really think you should go if they do, and sure the band has changed so much and we all wish the original band members would come back, but then again we weren't even born yet during the true GN'R days.

@Maya Well no one could ever be as great as Slash, but trust me DJ Ashba is still awesome! I love him so much and he was...

"No one could ever be as great as Slash"

I hope you mean fitting in with the band. Buckethead was in GNR, and he's a greater guitar player than Slash will ever be. He didn't fit the sound, though.

I find it really strange that the 90s is winning this.

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That's interesting. I actually feel the opposite. I'd rather live in a period of radical change and new ideas than a decade full of communist accusations and sexual repression. Plus there was that whole Cold War thing, so . . .

But to each his own.

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The 60s sound interesting to visit for maybe a brief period of time, but then I remember the racism and other political turmoil that happened in that decade. Anything before that I would probably hate immensely because of the social restrictions and overall intolerance of people at the time. The 70s and 80s had great music and it's when my parents grew up, so I'd like to go back to around that time and see what life was like back then, even though they didn't live in the U.S.
I think I chose kind of superficially as well. For all I know, I could end up hating it. I think we take for granted a lot of the modern conveniences we have today.

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We're Bangladeshi. My mom's from Mymensingh but studied in Dhaka and my dad's from Tangail but also studied in Dhaka. I consider myself Bengali American though because I was born and live here.

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Dude, me too! I just saw that movie and fell in love with it. Even though I know the 80's probably weren't as cool as a John Hughes movie, I wish I was born in 1970 so I would have been 15 during that time.



I just want to know why you skipped the '30s and '40s and went straight to the '50s. That is what concerns me most.

@eastcoast That's what the Other option is for

I realize this but why not just go in order starting at '40s? It just doesn't make sense to me that you started at '20s and then skipped to '50s.

I'd fit a lot better in the '80s.

If I could pick just a year to relive it would be 2012. The first half, because it was so great, and the second half so I could go back and fix everything I screwed up.

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the 90's because nothing beats shitting your pants and having people do things for you then growing up and being superior to any person born in any other generation #swag # yolo #90skid

It doesn't matter how far I go back. I would just find the winning lottery numbers for yesterday, go back a couple days, and buy the lottery ticket.


I'd rather go into the future. All of the things in the past aren't as technologically advanced/as safe as they are now. I'd like to go into the future and see what's changed. If we could make airplanes within, say 100 years (forgive me history buffs), who's to say that in the next 100 we could be teleporting. They sure thought airplanes were impossible back then.

60's were AWESOME. people were getting angry, passionate, more tolerant, and the culture was bomb

90s is where i wanna be

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