Forget legalizing gay marriage – get the damn government out of our lives so it has no influence over who we can marry is more like it. The fact that we even have to debate who can marry who is despicable and speaks volumes to how much control the government already wields over us. Amirite?

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Well said. I am for anything to bring us to LESS in number and power of our government. The EPA, FBI, HHS, CIA, IRS, Homeland Security - do you realize how many agencies have power that is almost untouchable? I want to know why we are not stopping it and what we can actually do to make it happen. The voting system is clearly broken, as is the Electoral College system. It has turned to the wealthy and fund donations rising to the top.

Well I can see why they have to moderate it, marriage status brings tax benefits and all sorts of changes. I agree that gay marriage should be legal but taking out government regulations entirely is silly.

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