The UK should leave the European Union

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Completely or just in certain areas?

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@Completely or just in certain areas?

Completely. Europe will still trade with the UK even if they leave the EU because they have to.

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"If you look at both exports and imports, the eurozone economies do more business with the UK than any other country, including the US. On average, we accounted for nearly 14% of eurozone exports between 2007 and 2011 and just over one-tenth of its imports.
The UK recently overtook France and the US to become Germany's single largest trading partner."
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21127037

So if we leave the EU it is hardly likely that we will cease to trade within Europe is it?

@Oscar2012 "If you look at both exports and imports, the eurozone economies do more business with the UK than any other...

Why should they leave the EU though? If trade is going to continue either way, does it really matter?

(I'm not all that familiar with the EU so I'm not sure if there's some big thing that makes it really unappealing.)

The EU describes itself as an autocracy - which actually means a dictatorship. If you look at all the countries in the EU at the moment most of them are "on their knees" economically with mass unemployment and no growth. Whatever the existing idea was when it began, it has failed miserably and world economists state that it cannot work with its current model.

If any of the countries in the EU pulled out they would find it very hard for the first three years or so, but to stay in means we could be suffering for the next foreseeable 10 years having already gone through 5 years of abject misery.

Britain is paying £53 million per day into EU coffers, is it any wonder that there are huge problems? And with all the austerity measures that governments are being forced to implement, the EU Parliament wants a further 11 billion euros for its expenses this year. If the countries don't pay the EU will not distribute the 94 billion euros it is holding - that's blackmail! But then this is what dictatorship is all about. And clearly this is not about money, it's about power.

wait. it already hasn't!

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