To play devil's advocate my brother's girlfriend of two years who he says he is going to marry has a right to be upset if he chooses to go to my college graduation instead of his girlfriend's who is graduating on the same day, Amirite?

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Family over friends.. even girlfriends. He's been your sibling for longer than he's been her boyfriend, right? Surely that amounts to something. I can understand why she might feel let down that he can't come but she shouldn't be angry with him. It's not his fault the two graduations fall on the same day.

Blood is thicker than water.
And two years? No offense to your brother's girlfriend but that's nothing compared to years of being siblings.

exactly if he chose to go to a friend's graduation over his girlfriend's then I think she has a right to be upset but I am his sister. If they were engaged/married I would totally understand her being upset but they are just boyfriend and girlfriend at this point they may think they are definitely going to get married but they don't know that for sure. One thing is for sure though I am always going to be his sister. If they were engaged then it is A LOT more promising that they are going to get married and I would completely understand him obviously going to hers but not if they are just dating.

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Just curious for the people who agreed why do you think it is okay for her to be upset with him.

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I agree her reasoning is that he is closer to her and not close to me and that he is going to marry me and not his sister

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I can see how she's be upset at the situation. It's frustrating when graduations and graduation parties over-lap since they all occur around the same time. However, she getting mad at your brother for something he has no control of is petty and immature. You're his sibling and that won't ever change.

I could only understand if maybe you and your brother barely had anything to do with one another. My siblings and I are all in different states and hardly talk, nor do we get along well. But the only reason I would miss their graduation is if I haven't finished my school year yet, and I still have finals that the professor won't let me take early.

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If you don't get along why would you go

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