It's ridiculous how people compare gay rights and marriage to African american rights and slavery, it's something our society needs to work on but the degree of how severe the problem is isn't as bad, at least they're not forced to do hard labour picking cotton from fields for hours a day, and then beaten, raped, malnourished, ect.

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No you're right, gay people are just beaten, tortured, murdered, have their rights withheld from them, face discrimination in the work place, get attacked by the police, are unable to travel to many parts of the world, are called inferior and immoral by almost every religious organisation. Totally different. Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus? In Russia if you were something that might make you look gay or talk about being gay on the street you are arrested and fined several thousand dollars.

The degree to which slavery was harsh is exaggerated. Of course many slaves were abused, mistreated, and overworked but for most part, at the end of the day they had an owner that cared about them and their family and a good stable home. (I'm not defending slavery! It was a terrible crime, but the period directly after Reconstruction all the way up until the Civil Rights Movement was much worse for blacks in America.)

A better comparison would be the Civil Rights Movement itself and the decades before it. The KKK and other racist groups made life a living hell for blacks. Lynching was a commonplace thing and corruption was everywhere. (Look up the case of Emmett Till if you're interested) Of course, OP is still right; this is still much worse and not at all an apt comparison to the whole "gay rights" movement.

@Altoid_Freak_250 The degree to which slavery was harsh is exaggerated. Of course many slaves were abused, mistreated, and overworked...

Much like a good farmer cares for his livestock, because unhealthy or dead livestock is not productive livestock. In that case, unhealthy or dead slaves meant less production for the farm. (and yeah.. like you, I'm not defending slavery).

I don't believe I have often heard this comparison. Is it common?

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