Here's a tough one: Johnny gets on a train at 7.00a.m and travels for 10 hours. If the train is travelling at 70mph, what did Johnny have for breakfast?

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Whatever the hell Johnny wanted because Johnny's a man. It was probably manly breakfast though... Biscuits and gravy made from scratch with a side of bacon, sausage, grits, steak, and potatoes. For his drink he had milk straight from the cow.. none of that pussy homogenized stuff.

well since it was for 10 hours
it was rice with 2 pounds of lamb
rice because of the time and
2 pounds because each portion for each hour

since it's 70 mph
the drink was shorbote
to accommodate for the speed

since it was 7 am in the morning
the drink was goat milk
the cow milk would not be ready at 7 am
that's not until 10 am


Bacon and eggs.

Johnny is on the train because he has an appointment with a docter across the state. Johnny is fasting.

Cheesy grits

Eggs benedict.

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