Tip 20% or higher, because the server wage is usually half of what minimum wage is set at.

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Not to mention you're from the UK.. isn't it customary to only round up the check as a form of tip in Europe? Or am I just thinking of Germany?

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Ohh, okay. I just remember my German professor talking about that.

I've never been a waiter but I've had a roommate who was one for quite a while and he made more during one night than I did all weekend with my $9/hour job. Of course his weekdays were usually slow and he didn't make much, but waiters/waitresses have potential of making a good amount of money on busy nights. I'd bet a lot of servers would be outraged if they got "fair" pay without tips.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a waiter is given a certain amount of tables to attend to, right? The number of tables a server is allowed will affect their pay and the quicker they can get one table out and another table in also affects their pay. I mean it's not like their bosses are paying them $3something an hour and giving them one little table so that they can get a $2-3 tip from a customer once an hour or so.

As far as tipping in general goes, I don't think a person should rely on tips as part of their income; that's why I don't work jobs that depend upon it. If restaurant workers want to get paid minimum wage, then they should refuse to work for anything less.

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