If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender how would you get out?

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StickCaveman awakens to find himself the size of a pencil and trapped inside of a blender. A little confused as to how he came to be in this position, he roundhouse kicks the plastic wall Chuck Norris style and it shatters into a million pieces. As he walks away from the rubble in slow motion, it explodes with the force of 5 tablespoons of dynamite behind him. StickCaveman continues walking without looking back. The camera fades into darkness as it shows him walking into the sunset, not knowing where destiny will lead him. To the end of the kitchen counter? To the refrigerator? Only time will tell what great journey is ahead of him. Cue inspirational quote read by Morgan Freeman "What doesn't kill StickCaveman, only makes him stronger." leaving the option of a sequel in the near future.

this is stupid

not the post, the new setup.

I imagine that I'd get poured out.

So this has become a standard interview question for MBA level positions. Along with some of the other "brainteaser" posts on the just-in page. There is no right answer. I am guessing OP wanted to see what clever responses we come up with, perhaps (s)he is planning on doing some interviewing soon and wanted to bone-up.

A standard unsharpened pencil is not much shorter than the bowl of a standard blender. By standing on the blades and jumping you could probably reach the rim and shimmy out.


Climb out.

I suppose I would hear the director yell, "And scene!" and someone else yell, "Cut!" Then, I would dramatically walk off the stage I was on, snap my fingers, and demand someone to get me a cup of coffee. But, since I'm camera shy, I would wake up from the dream that I'm having and think, "What a weird dream." So, in conclusion, I would get out by waking up.

Have someone turn it on.

Wait for someone to make a smoothie when they do they will see me and they will get me out and be confused and in shock because there are tiny people in there blender.

with as much speed as possible

I use the ladder next to me, of course

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