You wish there was way to separate the opinion posts and the brainteaser posts on the just-in page. Maybe a filter, or columns?

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It is extremely annoying and kind of thoughtless. There is no way the poster has all that stuff memorized, so they are just typing out of a book. They post as anonymous and I did not see any credit given to the source of the teasers. By them bombing the hell out of the front page, it pushes all of our posts way back so people have to look deeper to find them. And that discourages comments and their chances of agreeing or disagreeing.

We will be adding this shortly - bare with us:)

You can now!

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LOL...........I posted something similar earlier today because someone was overkilling the brainteasers. A James 1 told me they were working on separating them so you could choose either regular posts or just brainteasers. Check out the post I put up for this.

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