When does 26+6=1?

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when 2+2= 5

@fuzala nope got if from 1984

Actually somewhat related then.

@VicZinc Actually somewhat related then.


it is so when you believe it to be so?

@fuzala uhm it is so when you believe it to be so?

Somewhat related. Hint: Orwell wrote in the British Isles and the answer can be found in the same part of the world.

Well no else cares so here is the answer...
As part of the Irish unification movement. When the 26 counties of Ireland join the 6 counties of North Ireland then there will be 1 Ireland (instead of the two now.)

I thought MuddyRinglets or some others would respond, but "oh well".

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Indeed. Forbid the return to the days of war.

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That's interesting to me. The rest of the world talks about not understanding the conflicts between the Sunni and the Shia and wonder how they can have the "same god" and "same book" and still be killing each other. We forget about the Catholic and the Protestants. And we forget that there is a lot more to the ideology than just religion - there are deep issues of politics in both cases. The world tends to frame these things in terms of religious conflict when it is really about representation and legislation and has little to do with what church you go to - it's just that the ideologies fall along religious lines and those lines make it easier for the media to identify the players and for the public to categorize.

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