What is greater than God, but more evil than the devil. The rich need it, but the poor already have it. If you eat it, you will die.

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Now I know the true answer, but bear with me. It is known that complex life evolved from bacteria, so it is arguable that bacteria gave rise to all life. Knowing this, it is logically more sound to say that bacteria created complex life than God did. Despite being so simple, bacteria is incredibly powerful. The toxicity of some bacteria is astounding, and their ability to adapt to antibiotics makes them harder and harder to kill. Being that they are so toxic and will eventually overcome the only obstacle they have, they will be completely capable of wiping out all life on Earth. This is much more than the Devil has ever accomplished. The rich need it in the form of Botox. Botox is Botulinum, the deadliest bacteria on Earth, and the rich go out to buy it. The poor already have bacteria due to being generally less cleanly than the rich. Having addressed the potential toxicity of bacteria, the last one speaks for itself.

There, I found a way to spice up the answer to this riddle.

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EW, POOR PEOPLE! PLEASE DON'T REPLY TO MY COMMENTS! I hope you don't have any student loans to pay off, those things are brutal. And were you terrified? Botulinum toxin is literally the most toxic substance known to man. I checked after I made the comment, and the LD50 is as low as 1.4 nanograms per kilogram of body weight.

I asked my friend this one once. He thought long and hard and looked me dead in the eye and said "soap." It still crack me up thinking about what must have been going through his head thay made soap greater than god and more evil than the devil.


Supposedly nothing.

Not sure. just posting this in hopes of being able to see the answer...

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