Sometimes it's necessary to rebel when laws/rules are designed to empower and protect the people who make them, instead of the general population.

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This is clearly spelled out in our Declaration of Independence...

that's true... Recently, there were many protests in india demanding "lokpal bill" to counter corruption.

after these protests, the govt. framed a "lokpal bill" that was designed to promote corruption rather than fight against it.

the key points are :-

1. if the accused person is found to be CORRUPT, he/she shall be jailed for some time
(probably 6 months, i don't remember the time accurately but it might be less than 6 months)

2. the accused person can also file a case against the complainant !!!!!

3. if the complaint is declared false, the complainant will be jailed for 2 years and some monetary punishment as well....

so, this proves that those in power keep making laws to empower themselves further.

this bill has not been passed yet due to vehement opposition and demands to modify it are still being made... i hope we succeed...

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