What is the special characteristic of the following words: coughing, thirsty, defiant

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All of the i's sound different.

@BuddyCakes All of the i's sound different.

dingdingdingding - I think we have a winner.

@BuddyCakes Really? Is that the answer?

Not my post, better answer than I have been able to come up with. This poster has not responded to any of my guess on his/her other posts so I am giving you the prize! What do you want?

@BuddyCakes I want to know if it's actually the answer!! XD

Johnny, can we give her that prize?

"No, I am sorry we are all out of polite posters here at Amirite, so she'll have to settle for this NEWWW CARRR!

BuddyCakes will look stylish in her new Fiat 600 as she is driving to her NEWWW VILLA in the south of Italy. That's right Monty, BuddyCakes has one this fabulous villa on the Mediterranean sea complete with fishing dock and all night Disco!

Each word has 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet- couGHIng, thiRSTy, DEFiant

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