On a magical land of Narnia , all the animals in the land are rational. There are 10 tigers and one goat. Tiger can eat goat but since its a magical land , the tiger who eats the goat , turns into goat and then can be eaten by the remaining tiger(s). If we leave them for some time then how many goat and tiger will be there , when we come back ?

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1 goat and no tigers.

Unless the tigers decide to share the meal. Then there will be the amount of tigers who had a piece of the goat, and the amount of tigers who didn't.

But, since this is Narnia were talking about, the tigers and the goats can likely talk, and the tigers probably understand that if they eat the goat they will become a goat. In that case, the tigers who want to be goats eat the goat, and the tigers who want to stay tigers don't eat the goat.

This is very complicated. I really tend to over-complicate things. I'll get back to you on the answer bye smilie

0 because they live in the wilderness and aren't going to stay put.

1 goat

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