If "I think, therefore I am" as Rene Descartes purported, then the opposite or logical assumption would be that I cease to exist if I don't think. Amirite?

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Nope - the contrapositive would be "If I am not then I do not think."

@VicZinc Nope - the contrapositive would be "If I am not then I do not think."

He begins with "I think" so to follow his train of thought from that beginning, the opposite would be: I don't think, therefore I am not.
When doing or playing with analogy, the person doing so is at liberty to infer certain things. One may start from a general premise or assumption but then deduct something entirely different - depending on the view or angle of perception.
I am not seeking a correct answer when these things pop in to my head. It is simple a creative process that my brain engages in all by itself.

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I know one language only..........and that is English!
Commenting on my own comment above, another way I would view the opposite of his statement would be: I think not, therefore, I am not!

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