Don’t waste your time with explanations, people only hear what they want to hear.

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People a lot of the time hear what they want to hear, but I've convinced quite a few people, and seen quite a few people convinced, to agree to things that are opposing to their original opinion and at the very least understand the other side. Some people are more open to new ideas than others and don't usually shoot down new ideas, some are worse than others. Although people in general have a want to stick to their original opinion (an ego vs. id thing, in my opinion), effort to explain yourself isn't wasted even if they disagree, because at least the majority of the time people understand that not everyone can have their opinion and understand you. In my experience, most people who disagree with me can understand my opinion- perhaps you just need to better your skills in regards to explaining things to people (seeing as how your user name is lawyer, I would expect you should be good at that.)

Sometimes they just want to hear something new and all we give them is the same old remix.

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