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If there is a scientific reason to think there is a mind without a brain, I am not aware of it.

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@PhilboydStudge If there is a scientific reason to think there is a mind without a brain, I am not aware of it.

many think that the brain creates the mind

very few think the mind creates the brain

Here's an example of the latter:


Without knowledge in this particular subject, I would say that the brain creates the mind. Chemical imbalances. Because that causes mental disorders, which definitely affects how you think (your mind). Chemical balances. Which affects you in the sense that you are "normal".

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So here is my "dealie" the mind is a turd. Litteral a byproduct of the mechanical working of the brain. Like when you run a computer you get heat and radiation, etc. when an engine you get heat, noise, metal bits flying off, etc. you run the brain you get a waste product called "mind." It just happen to be self-aware so we make a big deal out of it, but it's just a turd.


ah but this one lady had a small part of her brain transplanted
and some of her preferences changed




I made a post about the whole brain versus mind thing awhile back

and the comments have some pretty interesting stuff too


The brain makes the mind. The cells brain (nucleus) decides which cells to turn into the brain. After the brain if formed, the neurons activate and the mind is formed. Just like you build a computer, but only when you switch it on does it do anything.

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I said the brain creates the mind, but I don't know if the brain actually makes the neurotransmitters that are responsible for the mind or if it's something you're born with or comes from somewhere else or what but I'm pretty sure the brain creates the neurotransmitters. They're kind of one and the same,. The brain is the physical thing, you can hold someone's brain in your hands. The mind is all the neuron firings that are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and actions and also refers to someone's subconscious. You can't hold those in your hand, because there would be no neuron firings- because whoever's brain it was would be dead.

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